Kenyatta: Do Not Wait Your Turn

Kenyatta Media Interview

Kenyatta: Do Not Wait Your Turn

Executive Producers: Al Roker, Timothy Harris, Hunter Johnson, Derek Helwig, Tracie Brennan, and Lisa Tucker

Producers: Shannon Sun-Higginson, Lorna J. Miller

Co-Producers: Angela Harrer, Céline François, ShaBiron Shockley

A champion of loving one’s country while simultaneously holding valid criticism of it, Malcolm Kenyatta hits the campaign trail to embark upon an historic run for an open seat in the United States Senate. A standout candidate as a “poor, Black, and gay kid from North Philly,” Pennsylvania State Representative Kenyatta uses his campaign as a vehicle to uphold the values and amplify the voices from the diverse community that influenced him beyond the state level and into Washington, DC. However, the intersections of his identity prove divisive in an already divisive swing state. With commentary from director Lee Daniels, Malcolm’s husband Matthew Miller, family members, and campaign team, we follow this dynamic politician on the rise throughout the highs and lows of his unprecedented state bid. This groundbreaking documentary debuted in London At BFI Flare and in the US at Outfest Fusion (with host Al Roker moderating a post screening panel) and has since toured the country appearing in numerous film festivals.