Forging the Future

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Filmed across North America, Europe, and Australia, this six-part series focuses on the most exciting disciplines in popular science today. Each episode features a deep dive into: Artificial Intelligence, Achieving Immortality, Living Off the Earth, Genetic Engineering, Cyborg Technology, and creating a Disease-Free World with the Human Microbiome. By showing how the most cutting-edge technologies work across these fields, the series reveals the real-world impact they will have, and the hopeful futures they will create — and which this series dramatically reveals — for humanity and the planet. Forging The Future is the recipient of the 2021 Gold Medal in Documentary-Science and Technology category at the New York Festivals TV and Film Awards. Forging The Future aired on Link TV, part of Public Media Group of Southern California, available on DISH Network, Direct TV, and Roku.

Produced by Al Roker Entertainment

Executive Producers:
Al Roker and Christopher Webb Young