Black Farmers Have Lost Their Land At Alarming Rates. New Documentary Highlights Why And The Push For Preservation

June 14, 2023

Scene from Gaining Ground The Fight For Black Land from Essence

A new documentary about the legacy of Black farming in America is shedding light on the devastating impact of heirs’ property, which has been one of the largest contributors to land loss for Black people in America.

Gaining Ground: The Fight for Black Land premieres at this year’s American Black Film Festival (ABFF) in Miami Beach on June 15. It delves into this unique issue and examines its immense impact on Black farmers.

Heirs’ property is property that is passed down through family members by inheritance. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it’s done quite frequently without a will or proper estate planning, which has often led to issues later on because there is no clear proof of ownership by the family members who inherited it.

This documentary, created by Al Roker Entertainment and Deere and Company in partnership with Emmy-nominated director Eternal Polk is meant to shine a spotlight on the “challenges Black farmers and landowners’ must navigate to preserve their land for future generations.”

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