Al Roker

I Love Al Roker sign at the Today Show Plaza

Al Roker is an institution. As the weatherman on NBC’s TODAY Show and co-anchor of the 3rd Hour of TODAY 3rd Hour of TODAY, presenting universally resonating lifestyle segments, Al has the undivided attention of the nation – over 30 million viewers per week – every weekday morning as America prepares for school and work. 

Spanning more than 40 years on TV and 14 Emmy awards, Al conducts interviews with celebrities and newsmakers around the world and does a wide variety of segments on every imaginable subject.  According to a The Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult Poll (2024), Al is the most trusted morning show anchor in America. You can also catch Al Roker on and on Off The Rails on TODAY Show Radio, Channel 108 on SiriusXM radio.

As an award-winning television producer and CEO of Al Roker Entertainment, Inc. (ARE) Al has executive produced numerous TV programs for network, cable, digital, and streaming channels. Not only will you find an Al Roker-produced TV show on your favorite channel, Al Roker Entertainment also produces trusted social impact video content, commercials, and branded entertainment for a wide array of sponsors and non-profits.

You Look So Much Better In Person by Al RokerAl is also a prolific author with 13 acclaimed books to his credit – from cookbooks to true life historical narratives, and his book, “You Look So Much Better In Person – True Stories Of Absurdity and Success” is a humorous and highly personal collection of essays based on lessons for living a happy life and achieving success through the power of saying “yes!”“ Al’s mystery novel, “The Morning Show Murders” (Book 1 of his popular Billy Blessing multi-book mystery series with Dick Lochte) was developed into a successful TV mini-series for Hallmark Movies.

Recently, “America’s Weatherman” added his name to the long and notable list of TED speakers when he talked to the TED Countdown Summit in Detroit, Michigan about the knock-on effects of extreme weather due to climate change.

As an avid social media contributor, Al regularly tweets on X @AlRoker, shares photos from his travels (and his amazing cooking) on Instagram, and talks with his audience on Facebook. He also has a book page on Facebook for fans of his writing.

Al lives in New York City with his wife, ABC News correspondent Deborah Roberts, and has three kids.

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