Al Roker, America’s Most Beloved Weather Man, Is Gaining Ground

September 6, 2023

There’s something about Al Roker that makes you feel like you know him, especially after his 33 years as an NBC anchor. And yet, there’s much more to him than just what he has accomplished in front of the camera. Apart from being America’s Sweetheart and favorite weatherman, Al Roker is a husband (married to the equally beloved Deborah Roberts), father, cancer survivor, author, and the founder of Al Roker Entertainment, an eye-opening and industry-transforming producer of original shows, movies and digital content. The programming his entertainment company creates and supports is educational, informative and furthers cultural awareness and conversation.

Roker (who just turned 69 last month) was born and raised in New York City – and attended college at SUNY Oswego. He began his broadcasting career as a weather anchor in Syracuse, working in the industry for 15 years before his celebrated work on NBC’s Today show, where he has been since 1990. Over three plus decades in the public eye, Al Roker is more of a pillar than host as the most beloved weather anchor alive and is the “soul of the TODAY Show” as his co-host Savannah Guthrie recently called him. He has published a wide array of books with wide-ranging topics from fatherhood and family, to his weight loss journey, to a successful and unexpected turn toward fiction – recently authoring multiple murder mysteries. As the head of Al Roker Entertainment, he’s produced a myriad of shows that shine a light onto law enforcement agencies, young women’s empowerment, science, and more – and A.R.E. most recently released Gaining Ground: The Fight for Black Land; a riveting and vitally important documentary on the stolen legacy of black farming in America.

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